Our Story

our story

Let’s just get one thing straight: we’re so glad you’re here. The Lipstick Project is almost entirely volunteer-run and community-driven so your curiosity, interest and participation is the gas in our engine.

We could tell you all about how the idea for The Lipstick Project was birthed high in the mountains of Northern Ethiopia or how we took our name from a story from a World War II concentration camp but what it all comes back to is that we believe that meaningful human connection is the backbone of a strong society.

We believe that sometimes manicures are better than morphine, and that a close shave can be better than a sharp syringe. We believe that there is a time in life when the quality of your days trumps the quantity of your days. And we believe that for as much as we give to our community, we always seem to receive so much more in return.

As the Lipstick Project we provide free, professional spa services to men, women and children facing serious health challenges in hospitals, hospices and other healthcare facilities. Our volunteers provide manicures, pedicures, hair washes, cuts, styles and all kinds of therapeutic massage. And in turn, our clients provide us with life changing moments of soulful connection, laughter and beautiful reminders that the good stuff in life is family, friends and the connection between people. 

Join us as we invest in the experience of being alive and the rush of human connection. Come build community and make a difference with sweet smelling lotions, bright colours of nail polish, luscious massage oil, combs and scissors. Because sometimes a fire-engine red manicure is just what the doctor ordered.