The goods. Les pièce des résistances. The powerhouse lineup of services provided by our professional nail technicians, hair stylists, make up artists, massage therapists and body work practitioners. And did we mention that they're all completely free?


It isn’t hard to put a finger on why TLP’s Classic Manicure is our most popular service! Delivered at the bedside our professional estheticians file, moisturize, massage, buff and polish while you relax. We proudly offer a wide range of la couleur couture polishes, which are locally made, vegan friendly and have no toxic chemicals.


Nothing will help you put your best foot forward more than TLP’s Classic Pedicure. Delivered at the bedside, relax and enjoy nail shaping, cuticle work, a luxurious foot massage and polish application by one of TLP’s fabulous, trained estheticians. Choose from a range of classic and contemporary colours from Vancouver-based polish company, la couleur couture.


Lying in a hospital bed all day gives your hair that tousled just-rolled-out-of-bed look, but sometimes that’s not what you want. Get coiffed with TLP’s professional hair stylists and choose from our list of services: washing/conditioning, scalp massages, trims, cuts, blowouts and styling available for both men and women. All services delivered at the bedside.

Men's Nail Services

Just because you’re a dude doesn’t mean your nails don’t need a little TLC (or TLP, if you prefer)!  Feel the love with a straight up, manly man manicure or pedicure – clean, trim, file, buff and enjoy one of our signature TLP hand or foot massages.  Our services are 100% customizable to your unique preferences.

Make Up

It’s a fact: sometimes a fresh coat of bright red lipstick, a few flicks of a mascara wand over tired eyelashes and a few flicks of a blush brush is just what the doctor ordered. Let TLP’s professional make-up artists treat you to makeup application customized to your personal preferences. Service delivered at the bedside.

Massage + Body Work

Relax while one of TLP’s Massage Therapists or body work practitioners delivers a soothing massage tailor-made to suit your specific aches, pains, and needs. Relieve tension, restore balance and unwind with one of TLP’s classic massage services.