The Lipstick Project is almost entirely volunteer led and operated. Our Leadership Team is here to facilitate the important work of our incredible team of volunteers - all professional hair stylists, make-up artists, estheticians and massage therapists. 

Laura Meehan

Director of Programs 

As the saying goes, “love what you do and you’ll never work a day in your life”. True as this may seem, I also feel it’s crucial to believe in what you do. And, after a long career in sales for luxury hotels, the work at TLP fulfills both adages for me. Described as an amiable child, I have matured nicely into a colour-coding-file-labelling analytical yet still amiable adult. I enjoy skiing with my kids, tennis with my friends and golfing with my spouse. I never run, unless late for work, but my Fitbit and I enjoy walking at a brisk pace.

Other gigs:  Overbearing mother to four untamed but amusing kids, Owner and CKO (Chief Knitting Officer) of Mittens by Me.



Leigh (Boyle) Schumann

Founder + Executive Director

To me, creating something new is one of the most challenging and fun things to do and that’s why The Lipstick Project makes me come alive. As a business owner and a professional fundraiser, volunteering with The Lipstick Project allows me to channel my passions for community-building, philanthropy and leadership into one place. 

Other gigs: Principal at Fawkes + Holly, Board Member with International Justice Mission.


Holly Chan Yip

Director of Community Partnerships

By the time I was 5, I had lived in 3 different countries. I love experiencing our world and its people. I believe this curiosity for exploration has become an important part of my life – travel puts things into perspective by creating wisdom, expanding knowledge, and building character. My college professor once said “life is a temporary training ground” – material possessions have zero value when our time comes, but if we love and serve one another, that I believe will leave a true legacy.

Other gigs: Mom and aspiring entrepreneur


Josie Wan, CA 

Director of Finance

I work with big corporations and businesses on a daily basis. While I love my clients and my line of work, I was losing my passion. It took some soul searching but finally I realized that it was because I want to make a difference in people’s lives and the community that I live in. While arguably crunching numbers and doing taxes doesn’t provide compassion directly to the people who are hurting, I am proud to contribute my knowledge and experiences to an organization that is doing just that.

Other gigs: Manager at KPMG and recent puppy mama


Janet Edmison

Director of Communications

Having worked with Canada's Cystic Fibrosis community for a number of years, I've known many people in challenging health situations. To me, good quality health care means treating the whole person, not just the disease. Part fundraising guru, part graphic design student, I believe that my unique contribution to this community comes from powerfully communicating The Lipstick Project's vision. I like sailboats, cupcakes, and have a soft spot for Harry Potter.

Other gigs: Principal at Fawkes + Holly