Thank You for Joining the ICU!


Thank you for choosing to join The Lipstick Project's Inspiring Care Unit! With you by our side we will continue to offer light, love and compassionate care to patients and their families. Your loyal support will allow us to keep dreaming big - new partnerships and communities are waiting for us! 

Your gift will be charged to your credit card on this day each month, and you will receive a tax receipt from The Lipstick Project once per year for the total amount of your monthly gifts.

If you'd like to make any adjustments to your gift amount or cancel your commitment at any time, please reach out to us at We will keep in touch with regular emails and updates so that you know what you are making possible throughout the year. Thank you again for believing in us, and for choosing to support patients and their families in Metro Vancouver. 

With gratitude,
Leigh Boyle + the TLP Team 

P.S. We'd love to stay in touch!