TLP Volunteers

A "Snip-Shot" of Sarah Maki's Roots

{Lipstick by day and by night: Sephora Collection - Magnetism)

By Kristy Inouye  Sarah Maki’s story is a reminder that the most meaningful people in our lives shape not only who we are, but how we grow and who we become. 

When asked what drove her to become a hair stylist, Sarah credits her father. Rather, she credits his haircuts. Was she raised in a long line of hair gurus? Alas, no. To save money on salon visits, Sarah’s father cut her hair. He did so with colossal scissors typically used to cut meat, and she thinks that perhaps subconsciously this is what drove her towards saving others from too-short, uneven bangs. 

Sarah says she is often struck by the positivity, vibrancy, and humour of the clients she works with through TLP, and humbled by their gratitude for just 20 minutes of her time. The services she provides might not be traditionally medical, but there certainly is some truth to the old saying “look good, feel good.” In a sense, this is its own type of medicine.  

In fact, the therapeutic value can go both ways. Sarah links her drive to volunteer with TLP to her grandmother. At the end of her grandmother’s life, with her grandmother in Hong Kong and Sarah in Canada, Sarah was not able to say a proper goodbye. “I would have loved to cut her hair, or give her a blow-out…but I never got the chance. I wish I could have done that for her.” Now she provides similar services to others in end-of-life care through TLP. Each uplifting moment Sarah shares with a client is a fond tribute to those who made her who she is today. I think her grandmother would be proud!

Sarah Maki has been a volunteer with TLP since 2013. She is a stylist at Zinc Hair in Vancouver.