TLP Volunteers

Time well spent: Sitting down with Massage Therapist Lindsey Ail

{Lipstick by day: Gal Collection Vanilla Vaseline, Lipstick by night: Jane Iredale “L.A.”}

By Kristy Inouye - Volunteering one’s time is often mutually beneficial. There is a bit of give, but also something to take away. Sometimes, that something is tangible. Other times, not so much. Lindsey Ail’s journey with TLP started quite literally as a story of give-and-take. At a Timeraiser event three years ago, Lindsey committed to a certain number of hours volunteering for TLP in exchange for a piece of artwork by local artist Melanie Thompson. She has since stuck with the endeavour for many more hours, and instead of collecting additional pieces of art, Lindsey has been collecting moments and connections.

Indeed, connections and relationships often bring meaning to the things we do, and sustain the passion to keep doing them. Lindsey emphasizes that her involvement with TLP is rewarding because of the people involved- from the clients and their families to the welcoming staff at North Shore Hospice to the other members of TLP. After all, as Lindsey puts it, “It’s inspiring to be around people doing inspiring things,” and humbling to appreciate clients and the “incredible amount of love in their lives.” 

When asked what others should know about volunteering in a setting that can be emotionally heavy, in a world full of busy schedules and traffic jams, she emphasizes, “It’s worth it. However difficult it may be, whatever the struggles are, it’s all worth it and you feel that right away when you get to be with people. Even if it’s just sitting with someone and holding their hand. It’s a small gesture that goes so far. It can be heavy stuff, but there is a lightness when I leave.”