TLP Volunteers

Giving Generously: Thoughts from Amy, a long-time volunteer


“When you sit down in a quiet room with a client and start up a conversation that has literally nothing to do with their illness or reason for being in the hospice, you can physically see them relax and hear their breath calm. When they know that I will not be sticking them with a needle or giving them medication it allows them to feel a little more human and a little less sick, even if it’s just for a few minutes. I am there solely to help pamper them and it’s a really special feeling.

Amy has been volunteering with The Lipstick Project since the organization started. As a registered massage therapist and esthetician, Amy has been a part of a number of teams and contributed at North Shore Hospice, Ronald McDonald House and the Vancouver Hospice. During a six month hiatus from volunteering, she opted to support the organization as a donor instead, and when she returned as a volunteer, she was inspired to continue contributing in a new way.

“I am very fortunate in that I have the most amazing clients ever who are generous enough to show me their gratitude in the form of tips. In my practice as an a RMT, I choose not to accept these cash tips for myself but to donate them to TLP instead. I have been very grateful over the years in my business and now it’s time to share my gratitude. The clients that I have now also know exactly where their money is going because I am an active volunteer, so sometimes
that also encourages them to give a little extra towards someone else’s treatment with TLP. ”